Case Study

Legal keywords are some of the most expensive and competitive.  Paid traffic for legal keywords frequently cost more than $100 per click… not sale… click.  

Mr. Edinger’s law office specializes in DUI defense.  Therefore, the core keywords we optimized for were “DUI Attorney” and “DUI Attorney Fargo”.

Their website was not ranking for these terms in either the map listing or the organic listings and traffic overall was extremely low.

A thorough analysis of their website and their competitors resulted in a clear path to securing the top spots.  Even though most of the law firms had beautiful professionally designed sites, all of them were making critical mistakes in how they were communicating with Google.

Launching in January of 2018, it took 3 months to show in the map listing, 4 months to make it to number 1, and 6 months to make it to the number 2 (1st attorney) on the organic listing.