A Simple Process That Works

Our growth / SEO process is time-tested and flat out works. Proven 5-step system that will get you winning in your local search results.




Our roadmap begins with discovering where you are. We will analyze your website and your competitors from Google’s point of view. Our goal is to identify all of your opportunities and prioritize them.



Now we know what keywords your customers are using, what you’re doing right, what you’re doing wrong, what your top competitors are doing right, and what they’re doing wrong.  We take all of that information and formulate a plan of attack in each of the 6 areas that Google and the other search engines use to rank your site.


Our focus in the beginning is to get you quick wins. These are usually optimization of your Google My Business page, fixing any errors on your site, getting directory and citation listings, and more. The goal here is to increase traffic and conversions as quickly as possible.


After quick wins we will turn our focus to big wins. This is where our content marketing strategy comes into play. We will use our keyword research plan to develop a content plan based upon the keywords we want to rank for. We will also focus on growing our reviews.


Support includes monitoring the dashboard, keeping our momemtum from the first three phases and correcting course as needed.

Mike cares personally, which is highly unusual in that market. He’s put a lot of personal effort into the success of The Johnson Team, which I obviously appreciate. But not only that, he’s the best of the best. His knowledge base is unsurpassed by anyone I know, and this translates into designs and systems that work, and for us, bring us leads. I’m excited to see there the next year working with Mike will get us!
Jeff Johnson

Realtor, The Johnson Team